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Can Well Intervention Be Digitalized?

Can Well Intervention Be Digitalized?

Digitalization is an ongoing trend, affecting all industries including the energy industry. The digital revolution is all about unlocking the power of data to generate value. In drilling, a major digitalization shift has started, but the intervention workflows have been largely unaltered in the past 20 years. So, can you digitalize Well Intervention the same way drilling is now being digitalized?

Yes, you can. You can use the same principles of drilling operations and apply them to Well Interventions.

How do you do it?

Digitalizing Well Interventions require a software solution that enables collaboration between the office teams and wellsite operations with a completely digital workflow, and ensures that all the data acquired is used to optimize current and future jobs.

By creating an integrated digital environment from planning through execution to post job analysis, you will increase performance and lower emissions and operational costs, through continuous improvement driven by data.

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Benefits of software

There are several important aspects and very few downsides with investing in software to help improve Well Interventions. Let's have a look at the benefits:

Efficiency and cost: A Digital Solution lays the foundation for automation of manual tasks, thereby reducing the resources required in the whole process. This results in lower operating costs and faster return on investments from less downtime on the existing wells in production.

Consistently using higher quality data also leads to improved performance as decisions are made on accurate and more reliable information and therefore mistakes are prevented. This reduces operating expenditures as both non-productive time (NPT) and invisible lost time (ILT) are minimized.

Remaining competitive: With time, only the operators that are able to effectively utilize the most advanced technologies, will remain competitive.

Environment: Digitalization allows companies to move people from offshore to land. This is a big advantage in terms of the carbon footprint you are putting on your operations.

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Potential challenges

Finding arguments against digitalizing your workflow is challenging. However, there are some challenges that are important to be aware of when considering investing in a software tool.

Resistance in organization: It’s not unusual to meet resistance when changing work processes. Thus, it’s important to have a clear implementation plan which everyone involved is familiar with.

The company strategy: Making your Well Interventions digitalized should also align with the company strategic regarding digitalization. Companies that have a firm belief and vision of digitalizing their organization and workflows are better prepared than customers who are just starting the journey.

Affects the whole way of working: Digitalization of your workflow will also influence the way you are working. To change and adapt the work processes when implementing a new tool is crucial for a good result.

Time and money: It’s no secret that a software tool will be a financial investment, and it will demand time to implement. However, investing in an existing proven solution minimizes the risk. 


By using commercially available technology, the complex task of planning and executing Well Intervention jobs can be streamlined, saving significant amounts of planning time and more importantly, ensuring that every job is performed as efficiently as possible, every time.

Yes, there are a few challenges that needs to be considered before making a decision. However, in the long run, investing in a proven software solution will have a positive impact on your return on investment (ROI), as long as you are aware of the potential challenges.

Are you considering investing in a software solution for Well Interventions? Download our content offer where we discuss 6 questions to consider before selecting a digital platform:

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