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Digital Well Management Blog

Where Energy professionals come to increase their knowledge within planning and execution of Well Intervention and Completion operations.

Different methods of reducing your emissions in drilling operations

In today's world, where environmental concerns are taking center stage, the offshore drilling industry finds itself at a crossroads. The need to reduce emissions from drilling operations has never been more pressing, but we all know the saying of turning a super-tanker on a dime. It is an industry that is highly innovative, but also established itself in a different era, with vastly different consideration than today.

Top causes of HSE incidents that can be prevented with digitalization

Have you just perfected procedures and best practices, only to have them outdated by a new tool or...

Revolutionizing oil and gas: Digital solutions, efficiency, and IDEX collaboration platform


In today's rapidly evolving oil and gas industry, where efficiency and safety are...

New methods of post job analysis (traditional vs new)

Post job analysis (PJA) is the process of consolidating and sharing all of the details from a job,...

How real-time data can ensure a successful execution

Data collection from sensors on down-hole and surface-based equipment is widely used in most oil...

Thank Goodness We Decided That Openness Is The Way Forward

Having an end-to-end solution for planning and executing your drilling and well operations is very...

Unlocking P&A Success: Collaborative Software Solutions

An oil well has three main phases: Construction; production; decommissioning. One of the steps of...

Levels of Automation in Coiled Tubing & Wireline Operations

Full autonomy is considered the “holy grail” for most industries, including well construction and...

How to Optimise Well Completion with a Collaborative Software Solution

Bringing a well through construction, from design to completion and production, is a huge...

Wireline and Coiled Tubing Operations: How to reduce your operating costs with electrification and automation?

The lifetime of a well is dependent on where you are in the world – from up to 50 years in Saudi...