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Collaborating with STEP

Collaborating with STEP

Stimline has a long-standing relationship with STEP Energy Services in the provision of coiled tubing equipment. So, when Stimline began to develop the IDEX platform in 2016, it was natural to present the company’s vision for the software to key partners.

Close collaboration in the development of the IDEX platform leads to a long-term partnership

From the beginning of the project, STEP’s team of coiled tubing engineers recognized the value the IDEX software would have for intervention engineering and operations. Improving well intervention operations based on real-time data and using live remote monitoring on a cloud-based platform would materially benefit STEP’s client base. The ability for operators and service providers to use real-time data and collaborate whether they were on location, in the office or joining from remote locations, would provide the ability to make strategic decisions based on the most up-to-date, reliable information. STEP recognized the opportunity to collaborate with Stimline’s software development team who were receptive to feedback and were extremely responsive with software updates.

Stimline’s focus was to provide STEP’s engineering team an innovative and comprehensive solution. Ben Layton, technical manager coiled tubing services, at STEP comments, “The initial application, IDEX Designer, had great features and was certainly easy to use. Throughout the initial launch phase, we collaborated with Stimline to test that the hydraulic and force models generated by Designer were verified by field-data so that our clients were confident in the technology”. By performing numerous tests and through a collaborative relationship, the team was able to focus on key improvements and quickly release improved versions of the software to STEP.

After the approval of the IDEX Designer application, the focus shifted to real-time operations in IDEX Xplorer and the coiled tubing string fatigue tracking system, IDEX Tracker. With the quench and temper coiled tubing string designs becoming more complex, the stings represent the most expensive asset for a coiled tubing company. It is crucial to maximize the life of the strings and so having a clear understanding of how much fatigue is being exerted on the coiled tubing during the project is an important data-point. IDEX Tracker provides information about the actual down-hole environment, and being able to update forces and hydraulic models in real-time, helps the engineering team advise on the best ways to successfully perform the very longest lateral completions without getting stuck.

With the engineering and operations teams progressing well with IDEX Designer, IDEX Xplorer, and IDEX Tracker, Stimline and STEP looked for ways to use the IDEX platform more extensively. The team discussed, and began development of additional applications to include maintenance and dispatch requirements with IDEX Manager and IDEX Scheduler. “Having the ability to use the same platform, for various functions during a project with all our information in one place, reduces the risk of errors associated with duplicating data,” added Layton. “The integration of IDEX into our programming certainly makes our lives a lot easier.”

With the initial success of the IDEX software, Stimline and STEP agreed that the collaborative working environment that was established between the companies was beneficial and, as a result, the decision was made to enter into a long-term, five year partnership. This relationship will enable the team to collectively pursue the advancement of the IDEX platform. Stimline looks forward to continuing the relationship and refining the most integrated and intuitive solution for well intervention programs available today.

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