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Upgrading to IDEX: FAQ

Upgrading to IDEX: FAQ

Coiled Tubing service companies in the US are recognising the benefits of the integrated IDEX suite of applications. It is easy for you to upgrade from your current solution to take advantage of the modern, user friendly, cloud-based IDEX solution which evolves rapidly based on direct customer input.

Upgrading Your Coiled Tubing Fleet to IDEX
Frequently Asked Questions

To help with some of the most frequently asked questions about upgrading, we’ve put together some answers for you here.

Which Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) are compatible with IDEX?
We have connected IDEX to many different DAS.

Orion IV and Orion V systems are most common amongst existing Coiled Tubing Units (CTU) so we have a simple Stimline update available for these which will allow you to continue using your existing assets. Stimline will take over maintenance of these systems once updated as well.

Stimline has also worked with MDT and Prime for several years to ensure seamless integration with their DAS. We’ve also connected to Lime Instruments DAS and several proprietary DAS as well as the Schlumberger CoilCAT DAS, so we are confident that pretty much any hardware solution can be connected and streamed to IDEX.

Can IDEX on the CTU’s run without an internet connection?
The short answer is yes. The CTU installation is on a local computer on the rig to ensure that there is no requirement for an internet connection to run your operations.

However, IDEX is designed to synchronise all data from the local rig installation with the cloud based central installation because we recognise the benefits of having real-time collaboration with both your customers and your engineering team in the office. This means that there is no need for you to manually import and export models or data. As soon as the CTU is connected to the internet, synchronisation will be initiated.

All you need on the CTU is a cellphone modem with a data plan.

How much data does IDEX consume?
Standard operations will consume less than 0.5GB per day with 20 sensors connected. That’s a maximum of 15GB per month if you are working every day, probably less than your personal phones data plan.

How much training will my crews require?
IDEX is designed to be intuitive to use. Our experience shows that a couple of hours with the crew is all it takes. Stimline will ensure that you are fully supported with personnel on site for the first job or more if required.

How long does it take to upgrade each CTU?
Upgrades can vary based on exact configuration of the existing DAS but we certainly expect to have an upgrade completed within a day. Much of the software installation and set-up can be done remotely before the tests on the CTU are completed so you won’t need to dedicate many man hours to this. We’ve also found that most fleets are quite consistently configured so the process often quickens after the first set-up is working successfully.

How much will it cost to upgrade to IDEX?
IDEX is available as an annual lease on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. That means you get all upgrades and support included in a known fee enabling you to manage your OPEX.

We’ve priced the solution to be very competitive. In most cases, upgrading to IDEX will cost no more than your on-going costs for your legacy solution. That means you can upgrade to use IDEX for less than $1,000 USD per CTU per month. Great value.

There may of course be some costs to upgrade hardware if you are currently running older computers and screens but that is a small investment to get the latest collaborative solution. We will advise you on the best way forwards for hardware.

If you’d like to know more about IDEX or to arrange a presentation about the different applications that are now available, please contact Stimline via the website contact form, by email or by calling your local office.

IDEX is also available for Wireline Service Companies.

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